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The BT700

Mapped by Matthew Kadey


The BT 700 (actually 715 km, but whose counting) is a big loop in southwestern Ontario that uses a combination of gravel roads, rail trail, two-track, forest singletrack, rugged unserviced roads and just a whisper of pavement only when necessary. In an attempt to minimize the amount of time riders spend on paved roads, the route utilizes roughly 80% unpaved surfaces. It should be consider a mixed surface route and a bit more mountain bike oriented than a pure gravel ride. From the sunny shores of Lake Huron to the fetching escarpment country, there are many aesthetic treasures along the route.

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The BT700 Bikepacking Route

Just make sure you come prepared for an adventure and don’t underestimate how long the total route will take to ride. Some rough and steep sections will slow down the pace...