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Tent 1 - Sarah Hornby

Tent 2 - Jonathan & Jaime Hayward

Tent 3 - Josh & Val Kato

Tent 4 - Charlene Belles

Tent 5 - Miles Arbour

Tent 6 - Tim Johnson

Tent 7 - Brian Kennelley

Tent 8 - Tyler Battle

Tent 9 - Rich Wall

Tent 10 - Lisa Pearson

Tent 11 - Jeff O'Leary

Tent 12 - Katrina & Michael Rosen

Tent 13 - Steve O'Shaughnessy

Tent 14 - Josh Leclair

Tent 15 - Megan Dunn

Overnighter to Lower Lakes Campground

Come join us for an overnight ride from Canmore to the Lower Lake group campground in Peter Lougheed Provinical Park. The plan is to ride the full length of the High Rockies Trail out to the campsite, enjoy a fire and evening under the stars, then head back along the West Side Road on Friday morning.

This ride is happening in conjunction with the second annual Canada Bikepack Summit. Cost to join is $35. The fee helps to cover the cost of booking the group site and a few bundles of firewood. We have space for 15 tents.

Please keep in mind that this is very much a SELF-SUPPORTED ride. Bring your own food, bike tools, camping gear, a chilled beverage, etc.

Leaving from Rebound Cycle at 8:00am on Thursday, September 14th. The goal is to be back in Canmore by 1:00pm on Friday. Gives you plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and relax before the opening social/panel at Canmore Brewing Co. at 7:00pm