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51. The Wild West Route with Kurt Refsnider and Clee Roy

Today, May 13th, is the official release of the Wild West Route. Here’s an excerpt from “The 2,700-mile Wild West Route is designed to offer bikepackers a non-technical, expeditionary-scale riding experience that immerses one in the vast expanses of wild and public lands in the Intermountain West. Nearly 70% of the route is on public lands – 18 National Forests, 6 National Parks and Monuments, and 4 areas with Bureau of Land Management National Conservation Lands designation. Riders will experience the incredibly remote mountains of western Montana and central Idaho, the desolate beauty of southern Idaho’s Snake River Plain, endless vistas from Utah’s high plateaus at 10,000 feet elevation, the canyon country of Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon region, and the towering Sky Islands and low Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona.”

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50. Bikes and Butter Tarts

Seasoned bikepacker, Matthew Kadey likes to share. After some time exploring southern Ontario, and all the route options, Matthew decided to put together a route and make it available to everyone to explore. The BT 700 is a 700ish kilometre bikepacking route traversing some of the most interesting and less trodden terrain in southwestern Ontario. Matthew talks to us about the route and as a registered dietician schools us on nutrition and butter tarts.

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49. All in the Family

Winter adventure is a family affair when it comes to the Dunlop Family. In this episode, we sit down with Doug Dunlop, aka @coldbike, to get the lowdown on winter adventure. In this marathon conversation we chat about technology, sleep systems, shelters, winter ultra racing, ticks…. the list goes on and on. We really enjoyed hanging out with this hardcore family of winter adventurers and hope you enjoy listening in. We recommend popping the buds in and heading out for a ride for this one.


48. Welcome to... Sarah's Island

Welcome, to Sarah's Island.

When Ryan and Sarah founded Bikepack Canada they probably had no idea the kind of impact they were going to have on the community. By creating a place where fellow bikepackers could share their experiences, they have not only connected people from around the globe, they have made this great sport more accessible. In this episode, I sit down with Sarah Hornby to talk about the evolution of Bikepack Canada and the importance of carrying on its legacy. We also talk about this years Bikepack Canada Summit and her upcoming film project in honour of Ryan's guide book, Bikepacking the Canadian Rockies.

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47. Coaching Principals

In this episode, we chat with coach Ryan Draper about training and nutrition. Ryan’s coaching style is an all encompassing program, working with athletes from the inside out to help them be the best versions of themselves.