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Planning your own route?

There are an endless number of route possibilities in the backcountry. Think, how can you link forest service roads, singletrack, and the occasional stretch of asphalt? Here are a few of our favourite resources:

See established cross country MTB routes across Canada. Information includes updated trail reports and difficulty. A starting point for creating longer bikepacking links.

Ride with GPS
A wide selection of base maps and resources to help map routes and share with others online. If submitting for consideration on our Routes page, please use this format.

Once you have a route plotted, it is incumbent that you research its accessibility before proceeding.

  • Are there seasonal closures?
  • Wildlife concerns?
  • Boundary changes?
  • Flooding? Drought? Snow?

Also, are planning to camp in established campsites, hostels or motels? Where are you going to restock? Make sure to note of availability for users coming up behind. 

Finally, take lots of pictures, notes, and come up with a bit of a summary to entice others. What are the key geographical features? What tourist stops are along the way? Get us excited to ride your route!