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Step 1 
What is the best way across each province?


A few online resources to help with the scout:

Chatter form our forum:

  • The Great Trail (or Trans Canada Trail) is a good starter resource, but relies too heavily on asphalt and trails that are not conducive to cycling
  • Gravel Travel opens up some unique options but there is concern over too many long stretches without restock
  • West to east is the preferred direction of travel due to predominant winds

British Columbia


  • If we look at the route as also being a possible race, does it make sense to start on Vancouver Island or the mainland? Where is the ideal Grand Depart?
  • What if we head south down the island using Vik's route: Riders would fly from Vancouver to Port Hardy (5 flights / day). From there, take a water shuttle to Cape Scott: Heading south down the island to the Nanaimo or Victoria to the ferry crossing > Tsawwassen, aligning riders with the BC Epic 1000 route, the best route into Alberta.
  • How do we get from Tsawwassen to the BC Epic? And do we swing north to Merritt or join Lennard's segment further along?











Eastern Provinces